Event Organiser/Producer of Miss Gay & Miss Transsexual Australia & Trans Diva Shows.







TO APPLY, you should:

  1. Be aged above 18 as of 2 February 2013.
  2. Have identified yourself as gay, crossdresser, drag queen to qualify for MS GAY and/or male to female transgender/transsexual (post-op or pre-op) to qualify for MS TRANSSEXUAL.
  3. Be either an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, on temporary/bridging/work/student visa
  4. Be available for rehearsal one day before the pageant on 2 February 2013 (details to be announced).
  5. Be able to carry out the responsibilities if chosen as the winners and participate in the PRIDE MARCH (Melbourne) on 3 Feb 2013.
  6. Be willing to promote and help the organisation and abide with the Pageant Rules and Guidelines.


  1. COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM submitted to  or  on or before the deadline Nov 15, 2012.
  2. PHOTOS  (at least 3 studio/high res photos in jpeg or tiff format) to be used in the internet voting for People’s Choice Award on the Pageant’s Facebook page and in ads/marketing campaign. Facebook Voting starts Nov 20, 2012 and ends Jan 20, 2013
  3. COSTUMES.  Candidates will provide their costumes.  PAGEANT THEME for 2013 is ‘COLOURS OF AUSTRALIA’. Please read the Pageant’s Rules and Guidelines for detailed information about segments and judging and costuming required.

If you qualify and can meet the requirements above please complete the following:

Category to compete in (MS GAY or MS TRANSSEXUAL) and country to represent. 
Full name (in your current passport) 
Stage/Drag/Performer’s name (to be used in the pageant) 
Email Address: 
Facebook Name/Address: 
Place of Birth: 
Date of Birth: 
Talent/Artistic/Cultural background: 
Tell us something about yourself (short biography to be used in the pageant … attach if more)  








Ms Gay and Ms Transsexual Australia Beauty Pageant 2013

Rules and Guidelines

 Candidates’ Responsibilities

In the following, Candidates refer to those who have committed to participate in the Pageant and the Organiser refers to Victorian Secrets Promotion.

  1. Candidates are to provide the necessary information (including biography, photographs, contact details etc) as required by the Organiser so as to facilitate publicity and administrative matters.
  2. Candidates are to adhere to reporting and rehearsal times as advised by the Organiser  (TO BE ANNOUNCED); failure to comply will result to unnecessary inconvenience for staff and other Candidates.
  3. The Organiser holds by the policy of ‘no show, no go’ i.e. if a Candidate is not present for briefing and rehearsals, the said Candidate will not be allowed to participate in the Pageant.
  4. Candidates  are to prepare a 3 minutes routine/act for the talent segment.
  •  Candidates  have to provide the Organiser their music track to be used in the routine/act which should be of good quality.  This should be emailed to not later than 10 January 2013 to be compiled for the pageant production.
  • Track song/music accompaniment is to be free of curse words or objectionable lyrics.
  • Candidates using prop(s) for the talent segment should ensure that it is easy to take on and off the stage without holding up the timing and flow of the competition.
  • Candidates  should be able to enter and exit the stage with their props if used, or have someone to assist with the props. The Organiser  will not assist with the set up or removal of props. Candidates may not toss or throw anything on the stage or to the judges. This means, neither glitter nor confetti should be used as they can cause distraction or even potential injury to other candidates if sprinkled on the stage floor.
  1. To ensure smooth flow of segment, Candidates are required to ensure that they adhere to the running of program on the day i.e. transitions between segment and costume changing. If a Candidate requires a short break or to attend to other urgent matters during the running of the Pageant, inform the staff on duty accordingly and ensure sufficient time is given in-between costume changes and/or segment.
  2. Candidates may not speak to the judges during the competition, except during up close appraisal/interview.


Competition and Judging Guidelines

In the following guidelines, Category refers to either Ms Gay Australia or Ms Transsexual

Australia. To ensure transparency and fairness in judging, a guide of conditions is stipulated below to ascertain Candidates’ suitability in each category:

All Candidates have to meet one of the conditions:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • awaiting residency e.g. on bridging visa
  • on temporary/work/student visa
  • a NZ citizen/resident residing in Australia

For the Category of Ms Gay Australia, the Candidate is either one of the following:

  • a gay male who wants to embark on a drag queen career
  • a gay male who is a female impersonator
  • a gay male who is an amateur drag performer
  • a gay male who is professional drag queen performer

For the Category of Ms Transsexual Australia, the Candidate is either one of the following:

  • a born male individual who identifies as a female and lives as a female whether they are pre-op or post-op
  • a transgendered female
  • a transsexual who is undertaking medical steps to become female.

2.    In the following, a segment refers to where Candidates are required to exhibit certain qualities, skills and aptitudes for judging. The segment (and their corresponding judging evaluations) are:

 NATIONAL COSTUME (Ms Gay & Ms Transsexual candidates)

Judging for this segment of the Pageant focuses on overall poise, presentation and creativity in costuming. Candidates are to provide their own national costumes of the country they represent.

TALENT (Ms Gay & Ms Transsexual candidates)

Judging for this segment of the Pageant focuses on the Candidates’ performance and engagement with the judges and audience, costuming and quality of entertainment.

SWIMSUIT (Ms Gay & Ms Transsexual candidates)

Judging for this segment of the Pageant focuses on poise, presentation, confidence and overall appeal/attractiveness. Candidates are to provide their own swimsuit preferably in plain pastel colors only.

EVENING GOWN (Ms Gay & Ms Transsexual candidates)

Judging for this segment of the Pageant focuses on poise, presentation, confidence and overall appeal/attractiveness. Candidates are to provide their own evening wear and accessories.

QUESTION AND ANSWER (Ms Gay & Ms Transsexual TOP 3)

In this segment of the Pageant, the Top 3 Candidates (depending on the finalised number of Candidates) from each Category will be asked a question by the emcee on stage from a pre-determined list of questions. These Candidates must briefly, but concisely, respond to the question. Candidates have a maximum of 30 seconds to complete the answer. Judging for this segment focuses on the appropriateness and relevance of response, confidence in providing the response and overall appeal/attractiveness. This segment will determine the FINAL RANKING of WINNERS.

*The Top 3 candidates from each Category will be based on the accumulation of marks from the earlier segments:


–       National Costume

–       Talent

–       Swimsuit

–       Evening Gown



–       National Costume

–       Talent

–       Swimsuit

–       Evening Gown


Tentative Pageant Schedule of Activities

Nov 15, 2012 – Deadline for submission of Forms/Entries

Nov 20, 2012 – Start of Internet Voting

Jan 20, 2013 – End of Internet Voting

Jan 15, 2013 – Final Date of Submission of Talent Music

Jan 6 – Feb 1, 2013 – Production Rehearsals

Feb 2, 2013 – Pageant

Feb 3, 2013 – Midsummer Festival Pride March Parade


*** Candidates are advised to read this document thoroughly and adhere to the conditions and requirements as stipulated in this document. Candidates are also advised to provide full cooperation to the Organiser toward the successful execution of the Pageant.

If any of the Contestants have queries with regards to the rules and guidelines, please contact any of the Pageant Committee and Organiser for clarifications/confirmations.



Marketing  & Media Campaign Committee:




Kamira Holden, MS GAY AUSTRALIA 2010

Martini Ice, MS GAY AUSTRALIA 2012

Administrative Committee

Chinta Woo-Allcock, MS GAY AUSTRALIA 2011, Pageant Secretary

Dra Gemma Sparkles, Judging and Tabulation Manager, Victorian Secrets Promotions

Norbert Neugebauer, Stage/Event Manager, Victorian Secrets Promotions

Gayzha Davao, Organiser, Victorian Secrets Promotions



/REVISED 26.09.2013



  1. Stan
    February 3, 2013

    Hi there can you let me know where I can see some trans in Melbourne my email is thanks again

  2. Sean
    November 15, 2013

    Bring it on

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